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Bucket List

Everyone’s got a bucket list don’t they? Even if it only exists in the little subconscious parts of your mind. Places you want to go? Adventures to be had? Food to be eaten? I sure do, and since we’re pals now I thought I’d share these adventures big and small with you! Heck, maybe we can even go experience one together someday! Care to invite me to your desert wedding of magical proportions possibly? Or maybe an elopement on a dock in Iceland? Oh! Oh! I hear the Cinque Terra┬áis LOVELY this time of year! Basically what I’m saying is, “I’m in!” here’s my bucket list… what’s yours?


Anyone know if Jeff Tweedy is booking extra small gigs this summer?


Say no more!


Anyone having a baby?


One full week in NYC, seeing one play or musical per day. That’s nerdy bliss, right there.


Bonus points if it’s at Cape Flattery.


Visit places like Graceland and Dollywood. Go all-in with being touristy, or go home.




Honor them as I would client meetings and attend each one.


Learn Italian, meditate, or, at the very least, eat a lot of really good food. Attraversiamo!