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Did you purchase a wedding or portrait album with your photography package? Are you interested in purchasing one for yourself or a loved one?

You are smart. And you are in the right place!


Fine art albums are the best way to enjoy your images for years to come. Technology changes. Hard drives fail. A photo album can last generations. They also make a great gift. Please read through the following frequently asked questions to get yourself up to speed on what I’ll need from you in order to get your album design started. Can’t wait!


How do I order an album? You can order single albums, parent albums, or album bundles through your event’s online gallery. Please watch the video below to see how.
How big is my album? My standard size albums are 10×10″. Premium albums are 12×12″. You can check your contract for which size you pre-purchased. Each standard album includes 20 spreads/40 pages. If an album was included in your wedding package, then you’ve already paid for this base/standard album price. Hooray!

What will the album look like? I’ve searched high and low for a unique album that is something that is not available on the consumer market. My albums are handmade; quality, custom books printed on beautiful fine art paper. When opened, the album’s lay-flat pages offer a seamless look, allowing one photo to be viewed without any white down the middle where the pages meet.

How many images are included? Most album designs end up including an average of ~5 images per spread, depending on what makes sense for the storytelling. Sometimes an album spread looks best with a lot of detail images showcased together on one page, while other images (such as portraits) often pack the most punch showcasing them alone or with one or two other images only. I generally end up using somewhere around 50-80 images per 20-spread album, but that really varies from wedding to wedding.

Who picks the images? It’s a collaboration. Most clients send me a list of a few favorite images and I’ll design around those, filling in the story where necessary.

How do I communicate my must-have images to Krista? Please sign into your online gallery and favorite those images by clicking on the heart next to each image. Once you’re done with the selection, let me know and I’ll access the list of your favorites through my admin account and make sure to integrate them into the design. Let me know which email address you used to sign in/favorite the images.

What if selecting all of my favorites is way too overwhelming? No problemo! Just let me know that you’d rather me take a stab at the initial design first. I’ll design the album the way I think it should be, and we can go from there. This works especially well for those of you who are swamped with work or family obligations. I’m happy to design the album my way first and use that as a jumping off point.

What happens if all of my favorite images won’t fit into the standard album size? My albums can be created with up to 40 spreads, so if your priority is to showcase the highest number of images possible in your album, we can add pages on up to that number. It’s likely that I may end up designing more pages than are included in the standard album size (20 spreads). After delivering so many images from your day, it’s tough to narrow them all down! You’re welcome to either keep the additional spreads that are delivered to you for approval in the design or cut them out. Totally up to you. Extra spreads are $50 each, should you decide to keep them.

Can I approve the final design? Yes! When the initial draft is complete, you’ll receive a PDF of it via email to review. At this time, you can either approve the design as it is, or request revisions/swaps. Up to 3 rounds of revisions are included in your album design. Any changes after that may be made for an additional fee.

What are the cover options? Many of my clients opt for a leather cover. You may also choose a photo wrap or cloth cover. Please see my Pinterest board (and/or the image below) which showcases some album cover options as well as album design ideas, etc.. If you have special ideas for your album cover (maybe an illustration, the addition of a special quote or lyrics, or some other creative idea, let me know!)

Can we add text to the cover? Yes! I love this option. We can create an embossed, foil stamp to use with a leather or cloth cover for $100, as a specialty stamp must be made by the album company for this option. Text can also be added to a photo wrap cover for no additional fee. Many people go with their names on the front cover (like on the sample books I have in my office), but you can also add a phrase, lyric, wedding date, or anything else that would be meaningful to you and add personality.

an example of gold embossing

Above: an example of gold embossing

I’d like to buy a duplicate album for a loved one. Is this possible? You bet. Gift albums are exact duplicates of your album, only slightly smaller. At 8×8″ and a fraction of the price of a full-sized album, these make the best Christmas gifts ever! Great for parents, siblings, or anyone else who loves you.

How long will it take to get my album? Each album is handmade. It takes about 2 weeks to print, bind, and refine your book once the company receives the design from me. Once I receive the completed album, I’ll get in touch with you about handing it off, either in person or through the mail.

“The quality is fantastic. Each page feels substantial and I love the lay flat feature…. Our families live out of town and we brought the album with us when we visited. Both moms cried, success in my book. The album is the perfect home for Krista’s amazing photos.” – Lindsey R.



  1. If an album wasn’t included in your photography package, you can purchase one through your online gallery.
  2. Pick your favorite, must-have images. Up to 30 is usually a good start but you may have more, which is a-okay.
  3. Let Krista know when favorites have been selected in your gallery.
  4. Decide on an album cover type (most clients go with leather or cloth) and whether you’d like any embossing.
  5. Work with Krista to approve the album layout. 3 revisions on the design are included.
  6. Get excited!
Ready, set, send me those favorite images! Looking forward to getting started. Call or email me with any questions. :)